If you live in another part of the country & don’t have your own shipper, we can recommend one to you.

There are several companies people have used to transport our items & all have proven to be careful & dependable



Heirloom Express: 703-440-8310

Greg Sloan Silent Movers: 540-354-8887

Officequad: 434-823-1264

Jernick Moving:

Plycon Transportation Group:

Julio Morel:

J K 800.673.8487

Steve Mulder Mulderman on 712-461-0946

Antique Express Delivery:

North & South Art Transfer:

You can arrange transportation that best suits your needs and your budget. The shipper will need to know the measurements & weight of the item(s). Please arrange for shipping before purchasing the item(s) from us. While we like these guys & they have been dependable & careful, sometimes stuff happens. If you have a negative experience, please work it out with your shipper. Also, let us know, but please don’t hold us responsible because we have made a conscious decision to not be in the shipping business, not enough hours in the day.